Lukas Simonis – guitar, vocals; David Dramm – guitar, vocals; Mark Ritsema – guitar, vocals; Cor Fuhler – keyboards, electronics; Anne La Berge – flute, electronics; Carl G. Beukman – double bass; Hajo Doorn – drums; Frans Friederich – trompet, tuba.

Western Swing


(all the songs have a story to them, waiting to be translated)


the original flatland stuff;


We’re the Flatland Kings (R. v.d. Berg, 1948)

Ik hou van jou (R. v.d. Berg, 1947?)

Geef mij maar de prairie (R. v.d. Berg. E Hinterding.1949 ?)

No Turkey, no Bourbon, no Halloween (R. v.d. Berg. 1949 ?)

Een cowboy is eenzaam (R. v.d. Berg.1951)

Emma (R.v.d.Berg. 1950 ?)

Zen For Cowboy’s (R.v.d.Berg. 1951 ?)



The rest of the Flatland Kings repertoire ;


San Antonio Rose (Bob Wills, 1940 versie)

Faded Love (Bob Wills/Johnny Lee Wills/Billy Jack Wills)

Dusty Skies (Cindy Walker, 1941)

Milk Cow Blues (Kokomo Arnold)

Detour (P. Westmoreland)

Pussy, Pussy, Pussy (Marvin Montgomery, 1938)

Cotton Eyed Joe (Bob Wills-Tommy Duncan)

Dusty Skies, Cherokee Maiden, Miss Molly, Its All Your Fault (Cindy Walker)

Prodigal Son

Right or Wrong(Haven Gillespie, Arthur Sizemore, Paul Biese)
Lyla Lou (H. Sims, R.Ferie)

Southern Belle (from Nashville Tennesee) (Joe Pope)