KRUK is a new group that plays, acts, talks, walks improvisation. It’s got nothing to do with theatre and a bit with dance but more with ‘movement’. It’s plain improv. Using anything that is available to the performers at the time of the performance. Maybe we can call it ‘Cagean Improv’, not so much because it derives from John Cage’s work  (allthough it does a bit) but because it admires his freedom to come up with cool stuff.

The founder of the group is Lukas Simonis who solemnly declares that anybody who plays in the group will be a KRUK member for the rest of his/hers/it’s life.

KRUK will have a liberal attitude towards the quality of it’s performers.

They can be;

– dead
– a thing
– an animal
– a plant

But there’s also room for more obvious performers like;

– musicians, dancers, poets, etc, ‘artists’
– Lukas Simonis’ friends
– anybody else
– Lukas Simonis’s enemies

Date of birth; june 2012

First Concert; june 30th, Le Sud, Rotterdam

Here are some photo’s from Kruk’s first performance at LeSud, Rotterdam.

Kruk members at this occasion; Sato Endo, Henk Bakker & Lukas Simonis